A New Agnes Restaurant and Cheese Shop Opens In Pasadena

A new Agnes is about to open in Pasadena on Green Street, between Crack Shack and Rocco’s. The new cheese shop and restaurant will place itself in the heart of the action and is owned by chef partners Vanessa Tilaka and Thomas Kalb. They focus on regional American cooking from the Midwest, California, and beyond, as well as on fine cheeses.

Vanessa Tilaka and Thomas Kalb Are Both the Owners and Chefs of the New Agnes

Vanessa Tilaka and Thomas Kalb
The duo met in the Bay Area, at San Francisco’s Flour + Water, and have so far worked at restaurants like Bar Agricole, the Slanted Door Group, Al’s Place, and Octavia. Tilaka has also worked at M. Georgina and Cookbook. Now, at Agnes, she’ll put her cheese knowledge to direct use.

The Agnes Will Be Split Thematically In Terms of Style and Cuisine

The new Agnes will operate as a daytime-through dinner operation and will be split thematically but not physically. It will be both a market cafe and cheese store, with a large patio and a sit-down dinner in the back. The kitchen will offer seating across the space and have some sidewalk availability in the front. The Agnes will be a part of Pasadena’s new program for building open-air dining spaces for restaurants. The trend has now helped many small local businesses, especially from Old Pasadena, where the brick-lined streets are particularly welcoming for such businesses.

The throwback dining setup for the new Agnes.

Visitors can expect tasty salads, sandwiches, and daytime provisions, including wine to-go. Clients can get their orders from the space upfront. They can also get a more fully realized, sit-down menu with cocktails and heart-cooked dinner, from Tuesday to Saturday. Sundays will offer brunch options on the leafy, wide patio. The patio was part of the 1920s building when it was remade.

The new Agnes is expected to open sometime this summer and people who want to check out their tasty offers will be able to visit it. It certainly seems that many cheese & cuisine lovers are ready to try something new.