The Marriott Will Deliver A 10-Pound Doughnut To Your Hotel Room

In some hotels, the room service menu can be slightly lacking in exciting dishes for guests. However, this certainly cannot be said for the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa in California.

Instead of giving guests boring menu options which are easy for the kitchen to whip up quickly, they decided to go all out and give their guests an experience which would for sure leave them amazed and coming back for more.

For guests with a sweet-tooth, they will not be disappointed when they see the hotels famous 10-pound doughnut on the room service menu.


The “Donut Disturb” special is a 10-pound doughnut which is delivered straight to your room, for the reasonable price of $219.

However, guests get even more for their money as the package also includes a round of milkshakes to enjoy with the sweet treat, as well as a $50 hotel credit which can be redeemed at the spa, golf course or even in hotel dining.

Considering what you get for your money, it sounds like a pretty sweet deal.


As for how the incredible doughnut is made, it is essentially a giant cake that has been molded into a doughnut shape. Pastry chefs put it together using layers of vanilla chiffon cake, cream, and raspberry jam which are then coated in fondant.

To give it the glazed doughnut appearance, a coffee lacquer is sprayed on the outside and a strawberry glaze is dribbled over the top. For the final touch, it is completely coated in large, homemade sprinkles and sent straight to your hotel room.


Foodbeast¬†founder went to taste test the humongous doughnut and described it as “[l]ike the most delicious wedding cake possible. [I]t’s definitely lavish, fun to order to the room to get your weekend going and then we just had it all weekend to pick at. [O]bviously [we] didn’t eat it all in one s[i]tting.”