Starbucks Offers A New Vegan Treat That Will Make You Drool

In addition to their better-for-you coffee drinks, Starbucks is selling a new vegan treat that will attract your attention even if you are not vegan. CEO Kevin Johnson said Starbucks is going to focus on offering healthier options. After introducing two new iced coffee beverages with coconut milk, they have come out with a new finger-licking plant-based dessert.

Dream Pops

These alternative-looking ice cream bars not only look different to your average store-bought desserts but their ingredients are much more superior. Free from gluten, dairy, soy and a long list of other additives, these bars appeal to many customer’s interests. Starting this summer, a select few stores began offering Dream Pops which have attracted much attention due to their stylish designs and trendy flavors.

Just like any regular ice cream, these pops are perfect for cooling off on that hot summers day. The Dream Pops are available in four flavors; Berry Dreams, Chocolate Lion, Vanilla Matcha, and Coconut Latte. They’re also low in sugar and calories, with each pop under 100 calories and under 5g of sugar. The pops are being sold at Starbucks for $3.95 each.

Dream Pops Put To The Test

Starbucks is currently testing the success of these lovable treats in five locations in LA. A Starbucks representative said, “We’re looking forward to learning more, but do not have additional information to share on future availability of these products in our stores.”

Starbucks may not be ready for business, but good news, Dream Pops are available online and nationwide! You can buy all the flavors for $45 for a tray of 10 pops, which works out to be around $4.50 each with shipping (don’t worry – dry ice is included so your pops won’t melt).

Not Just For The Instagram

Despite Starbucks introducing an “interest and enthusiasm for more plant-based products,” it is also the chic, Instagram-worthy style of these vegan treats that make them so appealing. Interestingly, the cool, quirky shape of these products was not just designed for the Insta but also for another more scientific reason. According to the brand’s website, they are designed “with an ergonomic touch,” which is supposed to stop you from getting sticky fingers. Hopefully, it is not just lucky LA that gets a lick!