Cat Cafe In Tokyo Is Every Cat Lover’s Dream

If you enjoy the sweet sounds of cat’s meow and love to snuggle with a furry kitty friend, Cat Cafe Nekorobi in Tokyo, Japan is the place for you. Hang out with your favorite furry friend and pay as you stay. The only thing you have to so is wash and disinfect your hands before stepping foot into the room.

You can go for a short visit for 30 minutes or you can spend your morning petting kittens for up to three hours. Set your stuff in lockers, take off your shoes, and let your inner cat lady come out. The room is filled with cat toys, books, and charging station to ensure that you have the best time possible.


The Cat Cafe has amazing reviews on Trip Advisor. One visitor said, “It was very cute, we went in with the mindset of being there for 30 minutes, but the cats drew us in for an hour, which was really nice to sit and chill with cats after all the walking we’ve done during our 2 week stay.

You can get a drink out of the vending machine, and the staff provided food and treats to give the cats. We went in the afternoon when they would typically be napping, but there were a few that were pretty active. The cats all look well cared for and they were all extremely nice, and the staff was monitoring them to ensure they didn’t get stressed.”


Cat Cafe Nekorobi is filled with 13 cats that are all well behaved. You can even meet the cats in advance on the Cafe’s website

Getting a coffee with a kitty is the perfect way to de-stress after a long day of traveling around Tokyo. Another Cat Cafe customer enjoyed the calm setting and unique atmosphere. One woman wrote on Trip Advisor, “Located in a central spot in Ikebukuro, this neko cafe (or cat cafe) was the ideal place to relax and have a coffee with the company of more than 10 fluffy companions after a long day of walking around Tokyo and shopping in Ikebukuro.

The place is super clean, the price affordable and the cats very well-behaved. It was obvious that were taking care of them and selected them carefully as many of the clients were families with small children. The environment is super cosy and the staff really friendly!”