Get Ready For The Most Refreshing Lemonade Of The Summer

Lemonade is definitely the most classic drink of the summer. Whether you associate it with kids selling it on the street corner for a quarter or adults spiking it with tequila for the ultimate backyard barbecue treat, everyone loves a cold glass of lemonade after a long day in the sun. But we’ve got a hack for you that will step up your lemonade game to the next level – as well as make you the belle of the ball on social media since it’s perfect for Instagram.

Lavender isn’t just good for pictures though, it has proven health benefits, and is a common ingredient in both shampoos and skin care products. Check out our recipe for the best lavender lemonade below!

For Your Information

Prep time: 15 to 20 minutes (and that’s if you’re taking it slow) Serves: 2 – 4 people (depending on thirst levels) Can I Make It A Cocktail? Yes, you can add vodka, gin, or St. Germain.

INGREDIENTS 2 teaspoons of dried edible lavender buds (do not substitute lavender essential oil) 4 cups of water 2 juiced large lemons (comes out to around a quarter cup plus 2 tablespoons juice) 6 tablespoons honey or sweetener of your choice (can be less or more, depending on your personal preference) Ice cubes (added last, put as many as you want)

DIRECTIONS Put the lavender buds in a cheesecloth pouch or disposable tea bag and be sure to seal it up tightly. Bring water to boil, then throw your sealed bag of lavender in. Let it steep for as long as possible – it’s hard to resist, but try waiting for at least 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the sachet, and let it cool completely.

Mix the cool lavender water, lemon juice, and honey. Be patient, and when you see the steeped lavender water turn an excellent pink, it’s go time! Feel free to combine them, shake or stir the mixture to make sure it’s evenly flavored. Pour into glasses over ice and watch your guests ooh and aah over your amazing lemonade creation.