How To Throw The Perfect Barbecue

The weather has been heating up, and you know what that means! Time to pull the grill out of the garage, invite all the neighbors, and throw an unforgettable barbeque. Before you light those coals, check out our list of barbecue dos and don’ts.



1. Never use a cheap disposable BBQ While it might be nice to give your wallet a break, buying a cheap grill will cost you more in the long run. Because disposable barbecues burn quickly and are usually only good for one-time-use, you are much better off investing in a quality grill.

2. Never use the wrong charcoal Some brands of charcoal will heat up much faster than others, so make sure you understand how long it will take before you can throw those burgers on.

3. Never start cooking too soon If you get impatient and put food on the grill before the coals turn grey, you’re making a big mistake.


Barbecue Safety

1. Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling any food and especially after touching raw meat.

2. Always check that your food is fully defrosted before it touches the grill.

3. Never keep raw meat in the same vicinity as cooked meat. While preparing, uncooked meat, fish, and vegetables should also be separated.

4. If it’s hot outside, be sure to throw out any food that’s been left out for over an hour.

5. Always check that food is fully cooked. Keep in mind that certain foods may appear fully cooked from the outside, even if they are raw in the middle. Your best bet is to check with a meat thermometer.

6. Never partially barbecue meat and finish it later.

7. Make sure that children and animals keep a safe distance from the grill. A crowded cooking space can become dangerous.

8. Make sure you use the right kind of BBQ lighter fluid when lighting charcoal.

9. With gas, make sure the grill lights right away. If it doesn’t light after a second try, leave the gas off for a few minutes and try again.

10. Make sure you use your grill on a level surface far from any fences, trees, bushes, or any other flammable obstruction.