These State Delicacies Are a Must Try for Every Foodie

Eating is an essential part of life, as it rightly should be. Whether you’re on the hunt for a regional delicacy or want to know what to have if you ever find yourself in the area, one thing’s clear: every state has that one food you have to try. So, here’s your guide to delicacies that you should try if you ever find yourself in the following states.

Alabama: Barbecued pork ribs

One of the most noteworthy Alabama delicacies, Barbequed pork ribs are available in shops with a hulking BBQ pit right in front. Here you’ll find the cashier mopping them and wrangling the racks of giant ribs, soaking them in sweet, meaty, onion-garlic barbecue sauce. If you’re in Alabama, these are a definite must-try.

Alaska: Salmon

When it comes to Alaskan cuisine, the highlight is the nearly limitless quantities of salmon. This delicious fish is caught fresh and is a staple in many Alaskan dishes. You can have the best fish ever, from red sockeye to the rare, elegant king. Enjoy fine, fresh seafood in Anchorage in many different ways, from casual fish and chips at the White Spot Cafe to elegant dinners at the Crow’s Nest.

Arizona: Sonoran Hot Dogs

Sonoran hot dogs are a must-try when visiting Arizona. Sonoran hot dogs often come from El Guero Canelo, which has been operating in the city for nearly thirty years. These delicious hot dogs are wrapped in bacon and grilled, then topped with pinto beans, tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, and mayonnaise. Sonoran hot dogs are sure to please any foodie’s palate.

Arkansas: Barbecue Sandwiches

When it comes to Arkansas, there’s one food that immediately comes to mind: barbecue. And while there are plenty of great places to get it in the Natural State, the best place to get a barbecue sandwich is at Jones Bar-B-Q. The sandwiches here are made with slow-cooked meats that are hand-chopped and smothered in a secret sauce. They’re worth the drive from anywhere in Arkansas. The recipe for wild success that causes the restaurant to sell out its entire stock has remained simple: a brick-shaped grill, lots of wood, and a great deal of patience.

Colorado: Colorado Mex

This imaginative creation starts out looking like a good burrito with a flour tortilla, filling made with a burger patty, beans, and bacon bits. However, the kicker is the gravy drizzled over the burrito’s top. It’s served piping hot, so be careful when you take your first bite because it will be scalding!

5 Essential Tools That Every Grilling Master Should Possess

5 Essential Tools That Every Grilling Master Should Possess

If you think about it, grilling is the most elemental way to cook. Humans have been grilling meat longer than anything else, and whether it’s burning wood, gas produced heat, or charcoal, the grill still does the trick. While this is considered a relatively easy way of cooking, there are a variety of tools to make it not just more comfortable but to guarantee perfection.

A Digital Thermometer

5 Essential Tools That Every Grilling Master Should Possess

Even the most skilled chefs that can roughly guess the temperature of meat just by feeling it tend to use thermometers for precise results. Digital thermometers are not just great for meat, numerous recipes call for adding liquids at an exact temperature. This is the one tool that will not only ease your grilling experience but also help with other household tasks.

Smart Grilling Hub

5 Essential Tools That Every Grilling Master Should Possess

If you’re the BBQ host, it’s a hard job not to get distracted because of your guests and not burn the food. A smart hub is definitely helpful for monitoring the grill without being chained to it. Quite often, these products come with lots of recipes and instructions based on the supplies you have available.

Heavy Duty Tongs

5 Essential Tools That Every Grilling Master Should Possess

Regular kitchen tongs are just not eligible for handling large and heavy pieces of meat. The best way to avoid dropping your half-cooked food is by getting heavy-duty stainless steel tongs.

Charcoal Baskets

5 Essential Tools That Every Grilling Master Should Possess

Step up your slow-cooking game with a set of charcoal baskets. You can also stick those to the side of the grill and keep your indirect cooks on the other. There are different designs available in the market, but most will fit any grills.

Cleaning Tools

5 Essential Tools That Every Grilling Master Should Possess

A stainless steel or brass wire brush can leave behind small bristles that get stuck in your grill and wind up in your food. It’s essential to keep your grill clean, and such tools are necessary for the long run.

Other Barbecueing Tools Worth Buying

  • A Pizza Stone
  • A Veggie Basket
  • A Grill Grate
  • Heat-Resistant Gloves
  • High-Quality Kabob Skewers