Modern Artists Are Painting Classical Still-Life Works of Iconic Childhood Snacks

Food has long been given a realistic treatment on canvas. Several acclaimed painters like Chardin and Manet popularized the unique style of painting foods with oil paints, moody lighting, and thick brush strokes, ultimately creating dramatic vibes. But modern painters, who are following this specific line of artwork, are now gravitating toward subjects more relatable to their own lives. These new-age artists are painting contemporary snacks in the same century-old classical style.

The Modern Creations

Still-life painter Noah Verrier is one of such a handful of modern artists, who gives our beloved regular snacks a touch of timeless classic aura through his brushstrokes. Specialized in classic still-life paintings from the Florida State University, Verrier was heavily inspired by the works of Chardin and Manet, the celebrated 18th-19th century still-life artists. But with time, he got bored with capturing hams and fruits on canvas. Instead, he craved something more relevant to his mundane life. So, Verrier started to capture the deeply familiar foods like PB&J sandwiches, Chinese take-out boxes, cheeseburgers, and beloved snacks like Flaming Hot Cheetos, doughnuts, gummy bears, and many more.

A Touch of Nostalgia

There’s no argument that artists like Verrier are evoking a deep nostalgia for our childhood through their artworks. Thanks to them, today we can see enigmatic oil canvases with a chocolate-chip cookie on a lavender-shaded backdrop, a cinnamon bun with oozing icing, a box of Cheez-Its coquettishly standing on a blue tapestry, and others. Interestingly, all these paintings honor our childhood snacks with the same importance as serious still-life paintings. The uncanny juxtaposition between antique mediums and contemporary subjects has made the paintings somehow both fresh and bygone. There’s no surprise that all these artistic depictions of snacks have garnered attention and applause for their innate nostalgic characteristic with a timeless style of elevating the mundane.

How To Save Burned Cookies From Ending Up In The Trash

Ah, baking. The thing that is meant to be so relaxing and give us something delicious at the end. So what are we supposed to do when things go a little wrong? Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to save burned cookies from ending up in the trash and give new life to those baking mistakes.

Scrape Burned Cookies With A Knife

You don’t need to worry about cutting off every bit of a burned cookie to save it from the trash. Instead, take a knife and hold it perpendicular to your cookie. Then, simply move the blade back and forward to scrape off any bits that look a little burned.

Grate Burned Bits Off

You could save time – and your burned cookies – by using a cheese grater. Use the side with the smallest holes and simply grate your cookies until all the charred bits are gone, and you’re left with the good stuff.

Create A Cookie Crust

Crunchy cookies sometimes look beyond saving. However, not all is lost. If you want to use your cookies, then why not grate off the burned bits and crush them down into a cookie crust instead? Did someone say “cheesecake”?

Turn Them Into Ice Cream Sandwiches

Burned cookies can be a great starting place for ice cream sandwiches. All you need to do is remove the burned bits before taking a huge scoop of ice cream and sandwiching it between two cookies. You can even add some sprinkles or chocolate sauce to add an extra layer of flavor.

No longer do your burned cookies have to end up in the trash. In fact, there are plenty of ways to save the overcooked sweet treats and repurpose them into something potentially even more delicious. There is no such thing as a baking mistake; it’s merely a change of direction – especially when cookies are involved.