These Italian Cooking Hacks Will Change Your Relationship With The Kitchen Forever

We all have the image in our mind – the Italian grandmother at home, queen of the kitchen, who keeps everyone in her family warm and fed with her delicious homemade recipes.

Maybe we feel like we’ll never be able to cook as well as Nonna, but some of the tricks that she uses in the kitchen to whip up her mouthwatering cuisine may be much simpler than you ever could have imagined. We had the pleasure of speaking with several real-life Italian grandmothers who shared their tips for the ultimate Italian dish – and you may be shocked at what we found out.

Pick Your Pasta By The Sauce

In today’s instant gratification world, a lot of us just simply don’t have the patience when it comes to preparing our food. We’re more than happy to just slap together something, stick it in the microwaves, and call it a day. But there’s a subtle art for pairing – the right red wine with the right meat, the right side dishes for the entree, etc. So, naturally, while it’s tempting to simply dump a can of sauce all over whatever pasta is nearby, Italian grandmothers say it’s essential to select the pasta that matches the sauce we choose to create.

Invest In A Mircoplane

You may have never heard of a microplane before. Get ready for some mind-blowing information that will change the way you cook. This simple device, beloved by Italian grandmothers, will radically shift the way you think of mincing garlic. No more sticky mess and scraping the remnants out of the impossible to clean garlic press – with a microplane, that disgusting process is simply left in the past. An additional benefit is that grating garlic in this way makes it more receptive to butter and olive oil, which is way better for sauces.