Are Edible Straws Finally A Thing?

The newest trend in environmental advocacy recently has been the anti-straw movement. Research has shown that straws end up in the ocean and can cause extreme damage to wildlife, as they aren’t biodegradable. While many people have critiqued the use of straws, finding a solution is difficult. Some people have stopped buying straws and some restaurants have even begun to offer reusable metal straws instead of plastic ones. However, finding a long-term and widespread solution to the straw problem has been.

One TV show that takes products with big potential and helps them grow into a success is Shark Tank. Big investors, the “sharks,” decide whether to invest their time, money, and expertise to help entrepreneurs get their products off the ground. One start-up that got its start on the show is LOLIWARE, and they’ve recently come out with a brilliant, new, environmentally-friendly straw alternative. Not only does it have a cool design with many fun colors, but it’s much better for the oceans.

The product, named LOLISTRAW, is described by the start-up on their IndieGoGo page as “the world’s first edible, hyper-compostable, marine-degradable straw aimed at replacing plastic straws.” With the LOLISTRAW, you can enjoy your iced coffee or soda and then eat the straw when you’re finished, leaving no waste behind. Even if you don’t want to eat the edible straw, it still won’t harm the environment, as it can be composted.

The IndieGoGo campaign claims that the material will go “from straw to soil in 60 days or less. Whether it ends up in your stomach, a landfill, or the ocean, the result is the same – the straw will completely dissolve. It is actually made of a seaweed-based material, so if it ends up in the ocean, where straws are causing the biggest problems, it’s basically going full circle. This could be the solution we’ve all been looking for to enjoy our drinks without the environmental guilt!