Need BBQ Food? If You Live in Kansas City, You Can Get it From a Vending Machine

It’s no secret that we live in a world where vending machines are becoming more and more popular. No longer are these vending machines stocked with candy bars and cans of soda, because the vending world has opened up to all kinds of possibilities, including makeup vending machines, and BBQ food vending machines! Yes, if you live in Kansas City, you can now get your BBQ fix at the push of a button…

Keeping Up With The Jones Bar-B-Q

Even if you don’t live in Kansas City, there’s a high chance that you’re already familiar with the famous Jones Bar-B-Q food joint. Run by sisters Deborah “Little” Jones and Mary “Shorty” Jones Mosley, this Kansas City hot spot has been popular with locals for decades – but it seems as though it’s now popular with people across the globe. That’s because these two lovely ladies and their establishment featured in the hugely popular television show, Queer Eye, and they totally stole the show.

Coming Up With New Ideas

Since the show aired, the sisters have constantly been coming up with new ideas to keep their business growing – and their new idea is perfect for the current climate. Although they are still cooking up a storm during the coronavirus pandemic, they have limited opening hours, meaning that people who may want to eat after they are closed are left disappointed. To stop this from happening, they have created a BBQ vending machine.

Delicious Options In One Place

Their BBQ vending machine will feature all of their most famous staples, including chicken wings, sandwiches, and all kinds of BBQ foods that will range in price from $4 to $7.50 – and they all come with a tasty side to boot. The meat is also stocked every single morning, meaning that you have all kinds of fresh and delicious options in one place.

Anyone fancy some BBQ food from a vending machine? We do.