This 16-Year-Old’s Smoothie Bowls Will Blow You Away

At 16 years old, most of us could barely pour ourselves a bowl of cereal, let alone make a smoothie bowl. This teenager has gone to new lengths and has created smoothie bowls that are out of this world!

Jose, the 16-year-old from Lima, Peru has over 1 million followers on Instagram. He designs and makes smoothie bowls which are works of art and has posted snaps of them for all to see. Jose prepares these magical bowls in his spare time, as he is still in school. Not only aesthetically pleasing, they are vegan too!

The base of the smoothie does not take long, but coming up with the concepts and gathering the correct utensils and ingredients can take days. Jose makes a mood board to sketch his ideas. Jose’s work is not easy, he is working around the clock to make sure the design is executed before the smoothie base melts!

The stunning, vibrant colors that Jose uses for his designs are all natural. He uses berries, mango, matcha, spirulina and all sorts of other ingredients to create the captivating colors. He uses edible props too! He created chocolate shells using vegan chocolate and gemstones using vegan gummies. Jose claims that the trick to creating a smooth, creamy bowl is to use only frozen fruit and a good blender.

Jose is planning to start a career in the art direction once he graduates from school. In the meantime, Jose is the king of the food Instagram game and is changing the way people view vegan food. Vegan food gets a lot of stick from meat-eaters who claim the diet is tasteless and boringVegans would obviously disagree and as many have proved, with just a little effort and know-how, that plant-based foods can be tasty and Instagram picture worthy.

As many are making the switch to become vegan, the planet and its many creatures owe a lot to activists like Jose, who take their love for the Earth to a whole new level. Check out Jose’s Instagram (naturally.Jo) for more artistic masterpieces!