This Strawberry Whipped Coffee Is Even Better Than the Dalgona Trend

A few weeks ago, the world was going wild over the dalgona coffee trend — and we have to say that it was pretty delicious. This cold brew took over the internet, but we all know that the internet is a fickle friend, and it seems as though that trend has now come and gone quicker than we can say “caffeine.” In fact, it seems as though a new coffee has taken over the viral world, and you’re gonna want to try this strawberry whipped coffee right away.

This Strawberry Whipped Coffee Is Even Better Than the Dalgona Trend

A Delicious Treat

If you’re the kind of person who loves chocolate and strawberry milk, then you’re definitely going to love this new trend that has been making the rounds on Tik Tok. Of course, you can add coffee into the mixture if you want, but it’s also perfect for those who don’t like that extra boost of caffeine in their lives. What’s so amazing about this trend is the fact that it follows the same rules as the dalgona coffee recipe — but some would say that it’s actually much more delicious than its predecessor.

This Strawberry Whipped Coffee Is Even Better Than the Dalgona Trend

Adding a Few Ingredients

Like the dalgona recipe, this strawberry — or chocolate — whipped milk only needs a few ingredients. You just need to make sure that you have the powdered milk of your choice (such as Nesquik), heavy whipping cream, and some milk. If you want to make a chocolate version, then those who have made it already would suggest that you add a little sugar into the powder to make it extra sweet. Then, you simply whip for as long as you can, and until the mixture is fluffy in texture. When you’ve nailed this, simply load on top of some ice-cold milk.

Let’s be honest — this strawberry whipped coffee looks like what dreams are made of. If you’ll excuse us, we’re just going to go and make ten of these.

Here Are 3 Popular Drinks with More Caffeine Than Coffee

Coffee isn’t the only beverage that can boost your energy levels. While it naturally contains more caffeine than most other foods and beverages, it isn’t the most caffeinated option available.

Pouring hot coffee in a mug

USDA Recommends No More Than 400mg of Caffeine Per Day

Sure, a venti-size (20 ounces) Starbucks Pike Place Roast contains a frightening 410 milligrams of caffeine in one sip. However, keep in mind that an 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee normally contains roughly 95 mg of caffeine. Given that the USDA recommends consuming no more than 400 mg of caffeine per day, each of these three selections is within that limit.

Three common drinks that have more caffeine than one cup of coffee are listed below.

#1. Brew Dr. Uplift Yerba Mate

Brew Dr. Uplift Yerba Mate

Brew Dr. Uplift Yerba Mate provides 150 mg of “clean” caffeine from yerba mate, guayusa, and green tea in each 16-ounce container. The pleasant drink includes a rich supply of probiotics in addition to offering a modest boost in energy. Brew Dr. Uplift donates 1% of sales to social justice organizations such as Black Futures Farm and Mudbone Grown.

#2. Health-Ade Plus Energy

Health-Ade Plus Energy

When it comes to probiotics, Health-Ade PLUS is a great choice. At 120 mg per bottle, Energy is another gut-health-supporting beverage that has more caffeine than a cup of coffee. The kombucha drink is flavored with lemon and basil and contains guarana, a caffeine-rich substance derived from the seeds of a South American tree that is commonly used in energy drinks.

#3. Rowdy Energy Drinks

Rowdy Energy Drinks

The nootropic L-theanine, an amino acid derived from green tea that supports a mild boost in mental vigor, provides the 160 milligrams of caffeine in Rowdy Energy Drink. Furthermore, the drink is high in electrolytes such as potassium, magnesium, and sodium, making it a refreshing drink to reach for after a strenuous workout. Cherry limeade, orange citrus, cotton candy, chiseled ice, sour green apple, peach mango, and strawberry lemonade are among the flavors available.