Walmart Shoppers Gone Wild


Walmart is one of those places that has literally everything you need under one roof, but the lowest of prices comes at a cost. These moments at Walmart are too good to miss, from the best to the worst, you won’t believe that these actually happened.

Holy Hair

This guy must be in the Guinness Book of Record’s for longest and thickest dreadlocks, but if he isn’t, it’s obvious their current record holder is about to be beaten. If you aren’t so familiar with the hairstyle, dreadlocks are incredibly unhygienic to maintain and takes a lot of time and dedication to getting it to look like that. This man’s has been in for so long that is beginning to look like a tail on his head.


Hot In Here

Summer in the South can be incredibly hot and many Southerners risk the hot rays of the sun and don’t apply protection. This woman was a prime example of why it is important to wear sunscreen while enjoying the outdoors. To make matters worse, she has gone shopping at Walmart while ignoring her skin condition. We can only hope that she was shopping for aloe vera or aftersun because that lobster colored skin does not look comfortable!


Tail As Old As Time

Everyone is entitled to their own unique style but this man appeared to take it to new levels. What would make someone choose to attack a fox tail to their casual outfit of jeans, a plain white tee and sneakers we’re not so sure, but each to their own. We hope he fulfilled his deepest desire to wear this in public, but we can only imagine what bizarre things happen behind closed doors!


Gender-fluid Grandpa

In life, it is important to be your authentic self and live life to the fullest. We have to give props to this man for going out in whatever he wanted to, despite the fact it was a red dress and sneakers. He clearly wanted to be a woman for the day so decided to go with it, who are we to judge? When you get to a certain age you are just beyond caring about perceptions and stereotypes.


Love Me Some Lizard

We’ve all been there when you are leaving your house and your pet gives you those eyes as if to say “please don’t leave me!” Sometimes you just feel too guilty about leaving so you resort to different ways to bring your pet into public places. This woman had those feelings with her pet lizard, who had too much separation anxiety. He liked to perch on her head and shoulders but we can’t help but think that other Walmart shoppers were terrified.


Driving Miss Cart

Don’t deny that when shopping at Walmart you walk in and see the electric carts and a part of you wants to grab one and whizz around the store. Well, these women decided to do exactly that, but take it one step further and proceed to make an electric cart line. While these carts are intended for those who are incapable to walk around the store, but we can’t help but feel a little jealous of these women’s Walmart shenanigans.


Pushy Child

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this mother is in fact chilling in a shopping cart with her baby while her son is pushing the both of them. While it’s not for us to judge the parenting decisions of others, we can’t help but question if this is the best way to treat your children. On one hand, she might be punishing her child for his wrongdoing, but it could also just be the mother being incredibly lazy.


Faux Fashion

There are some fashion victims who are so into designer labels but can’t afford them so think of ways around donning the notable names. This woman was one of those people and although she wanted to show off her designer clothing, she couldn’t afford it. Instead, she was creative and wrote down the designer name on a piece of paper and stuck it to the back of her boots. Sorry lady, you’re not fooling anyone with this one.


Monkey Business

It seems that many people choose to bring their exotic pets to Walmart on a shopping spree. This woman was seen cradling her pet monkey down one of aisles. Animals can truly become a part of a family and this woman evidently considered her monkey one of her own and didn’t want to leave him at home. Her primate child looks incredibly comfortable in the mother’s arms. It looks just like a newborn, so it’s pretty understandable that she brought it with.


Creative And Classy

Here we have yet another fashion victim who just got it so wrong. Although we’ve never been able to understand the trend, many men like to show off their underwear with low slung jeans and this guy was just trying to fit in. However, he seemed to misunderstand the trend and tucked his extremely long shirt and tucked it into his gym shorts. The fashion faux pas was so embarrassing that another shopper felt the need to take a picture and post it online.


It’s A Miracle!

We have seen other Walmart shoppers making use of the electric carts when they are not intended for them before, but this one was amongst the funniest. Other shoppers don’t bat an eye lid when they are utilized but when they stumble across situations like this, you can’t help but laugh. If she was trying to convince people that she was in fact handicapped and needed to make use of the cart, she sure was not doing a good job!


Make (Hair) Do

Hair trends come and go throughout the years and some even make us look back and question how it ever came in to fashion, but this one was never and will never be popular. Whether this was a huge mistake with a pair of scissors or an intentional hair ‘do, we’re not sure, but let’s hope that its the former. Either way, good for this guy for showing his face in public, we would probably have resorted to a hat if we were him!


Sneak(er) Attack

Instead of throwing away an old pair of shoes that weren’t needed anymore, this woman decided to make use of her old shoes and jazz them up a little bit. Who needs sandals when you can have sneaker sandals? Thinking about it from a comfort and practical perspective, this woman is really on to something with her new design, but do we think it will catch on? That’s a straight no. Save it for the Walmart trips and burn them on any other occasion!


Barking Mad

If you were walking past this shopping cart, you couldn’t help but find it completely adorable. This woman was clearly a dog lover and didn’t want to leave her four-legged best friends at home, so brought them along for the trip. At least she was responsible and kept them in the shopping cart rather than letting them roam the aisles freely. However, there is some clear favoritism going on here by putting one of the dogs in the child seat.


Meat Me There

Some people work incredibly difficult hours that when they can find the time to sit back and relax, they will take it whenever, wherever. This woman was at that point of needing a break and she saw Walmart as the perfect opportunity to take it. However, we can’t quite comprehend her decision to cover herself with meat inside the fridge. Of course everyone is entitled to their own decisions and preferences but this one is just exceptionally bizarre.


Real Life Thriller

If you were walking past this in Walmart there is no question that you would think that Michael Jackson has been resurrected. Your second question would probably be what is the King of Pop doing in Walmart? Well, you might be surprised to find out that it is not actually the late singer, it is just a very uncanny lookalike. Perhaps this man does this for a living and on the way back from one of his appearances needed to pick up some groceries?

Turtle Time

Walmart shoppers are known for bringing their pets in as the store has no ban on it, but some people take it to extremes. In this case, these people decided to bring their pet turtle with them. Not only would this slow down the shopping process considerably, but turtles are not supposed to be on leashes, so we can’t say that bringing him was for his own benefit. While some animals get separation anxiety, turtles don’t seem to so he could have probably been left at home.


Motivation Is Key

Many people have body dysmorphic disorder and see themselves as a completely different size than they are in reality. This woman was clearly a sufferer of the disorder as she tried to fit into clothes that were far too small for her. This has resulted in her looking suffocated by her own shorts, and not the most pleasant of sights to see. It might be a harsh reality to face but she needs to accept defeat and go buy some bigger clothing.


Crack Me Up

There are often times that you don’t want to wait in long lines for the dressing room in stores, just to try on a sweater, so just do it in a mirror in the store. However, as a general rule, there are many items of clothing that should not be allowed to try on in public, and culprit number one is pants. This woman decided to do exactly that and forgo any privacy to try on these pants in the middle of Walmart.


Don’t Fret, I Have A Ferret

We have seen pets from turtles to monkeys to cats being brought to Walmart, but this is perhaps the most bizarre of all. This man decided to bring his pet ferret while doing a little bit of shopping on a Sunday afternoon. The ferret looks to be rather placid while being wheeled around Walmart, but due to the strange occurrences that happen in Walmart, other shoppers didn’t seem to look twice at the strange pet.


A Bug’s Life

We have seen some pretty strange outfits on shoppers down the aisles of Walmart but this one is perhaps the most questionable. While we can deal with the off-the-shoulder tie dye shirt and the large gold hair bow, it’s the stuffed centipede on her leg which is really concerning us. Maybe she had a certain fondness for the insect and it’s just something she always incorporates into her outfit everyday? It would probably be more appropriate on a young child.


Mission Accomplished

Bottom line, we would not want to mess with this woman. She has held a grudge so much to the point she had a custom vest made in fluorescent yellow to get her point across. The statement speaks for itself as she had “Can you see me now a**hole” written across it. We’re not sure if this is the best way to vent your frustration and can definitely say that it’s not the time and place to wear it while shopping at Walmart.


Return Of The Mask

Have you ever had that moment when you’re in the middle of getting ready for a night out and you realize you have to buy groceries immediately? Yeah, we haven’t either, but this woman did and decided to put her facial on hold to drive to her local Walmart for some shopping. Judging by the photo, many other shoppers were quite taken aback when she walked into the store as she received some less than welcoming looks.


Like Father Like Daughter

When people say “like father, like daughter,” they are comparing the similarities between the family members and saying that they are incredibly alike. In this instance, this father misunderstood the saying and took it quite literally by wearing his daughter’s clothing. Leggings under jean shorts is not a good look whether you are a young girl or a father, so that’s probably one of the biggest fashion crimes he committed here. Go for your own closet next time, sir!

walmart-dad daughter

Too Cool, Mom

This mother was experimenting with her fashion and wanted to try something new, so new that no one else ever would wear such a thing. This jean shorts are really not working for her and she should retire this outfit with immediate effect. Lucky she wore it to Walmart as no one in there would look twice at her unusual clothing choice, we just hope her awful fashion experimentation doesn’t rub off on her daughter.


Captain Ameri-Mart

Just because he’s Captain America, doesn’t mean he gets his groceries for free! The superhero turned up to Walmart looking less than happy, in his full suit. Maybe his most recent fight did not go as planned or perhaps he was late for some life-saving activities? Either way, the cashier probably should have exerted himself more when checking out Captain America, he is not your average Walmart shopper. Whether he will return having experienced this, we’re not so sure.

walmart-captain america

Time To Shine

While many outfits at Walmart are ignored, going completely nude is something that doesn’t go down well. This nudist chose the wrong store to mess with when it comes to indecent exposure and the cops were all over it immediately. Within minutes, they stormed into Walmart and brought the streaker down using tasers and hand cuffs. Following this, they did their job swiftly so had time to stand around and have a catch up with one another.


Fancy Shmancy

In recent years, wedding venues have become outrageous and people have strived to have the most unusual wedding possible in the craziest of locations. However, one place that you’d never expect a wedding to be is in Walmart. This couple decided to have their wedding photos taken in the photo booth in Walmart, forgoing an expensive wedding photographer and using a $4 booth in the middle of the store. While it wouldn’t be our first choice to tie the knot, we hope they live a long and happy life together.


No Words

There are many parents who are incredibly cautious around their children and ensure every child-safety precaution is taken in every aspect of their lives. It is safe to say that this mother was not one of those parents as she let her young daughter put a plastic bag over her head. You don’t even have to be a parent to know that these bags come with choking hazards and can be incredibly dangerous. The mother was evidently more concerned with her Walmart shopping.


Mister Easter

We would like to hope that Easter came early this year otherwise this outfit would be absolutely ridiculous (not that it isn’t already!) This man went all out for his Walmart shopping trip, making a custom suit compete with every bunny toy and Easter egg you could think of. The festive outfit garnered plenty of attention from children, we just hope the parents reinforced the ruling of never to talk to strangers! There seems to be something suspicious going on.


Too Much Information

Funny slogan T-shirts seem to be a phenomenon that just will not die, no matter how much we want it to. The guy in the photo is a prime example of someone who takes great pleasure and amusement of donning a crude T-shirt, displaying his sense of humor and personality. This one is rather disgusting and the vast majority don’t take pleasure in the fact that a grown man is informing you that he has passed gas in Walmart. Grotesque if you ask us!


A Woman With A Cause

If you can bear to look at this picture without vomiting, well done to you. We have no idea what would possess someone to grow their fingernails this long, the dirt and bacteria is incredibly unhygienic, not to mention the fact that we just don’t know how she gets basic chores done. Even using your cell phone or getting money out of your wallet, we just don’t know how it’s done and in all honesty, we don’t really want to find out.

Stranger Danger

You might be familiar with signs that say beware of the dog when the owner wants to warn you of their dog’s temperament, but not really a baby! For some reason, this baby’s chair reads “please do not touch the baby!” We have absolutely no idea why a parent would put that on their baby’s chair and we can only hope that no stranger would even want to touch someone else’s baby without permission. Either way, you’ve been warned!


Show Stopper

Ripped jeans seem to be all the rage right now and everyone seems to be rocking the latest fashions but there are those who just take it too far. If you are someone that wears ripped jeans you will understand the struggle when everyone asks you why you don’t throw away your torn jeans. This woman is asking for it, the rips are too much  and she should really consider replacing them. Let’s hope the ripped jean trend doesn’t get to this point!


Eye Am Watching You

Tattoos are for life and there are times when we question if the person knew what they were getting into when they put them on their body. What decision led this man to put an eye on the back of his head we are not so sure about but if the idea was to scare of others, he definitely succeeded. Other shoppers at Walmart must have been terrified when walking behind him thinking that his third eye is watching them.


Game Time

Being a kid is a carefree and fun life. You have no worries as your parents do everything for you and you just mind your own business everyday and play with toys. Well, these parents were envious of their son and wanted to get in on the action so instead of letting him play with electronic games, they did it themselves. It’s not something you see everyday but it sure is funny. We just feel bad for the kid who wants to have his turn!


True Colors

Have you ever had that moment when you’re in the middle of tie-dying your T-shirt and suddenly realize you need to pick up some stuff from Walmart? Well, this guy did exactly that, not even having any time to wipe the paint off of his face. The look on his face when he realizes that someone has taken a picture is comedy gold-literally and figuratively. We hope he got his supplies quickly so that he could finish coloring the rest of his clothing.

walmart-tie dye

Quinn Of Walmart

We hope this was taken around Halloween, otherwise this would be slightly questionable. Although, judging by the surroundings, it is not the holiday season. Perhaps this person just wanted to express themselves through their clothes?


Fashion Forward

Fashion is all about expressing yourself in any way you want to. We can’t figure out if this was a fashion forward trend or a bad mistake. Either this guy wanted to make his clothes a lot more cool and hip, or he got dressed in the dark that morning before running off to Walmart. Although we can forgive his shirt being on backwards, the yellow colored stain on his shoulder is not something that should be replicated.

walmart-shirt back

These Jorts Were Made For Wearing

This man came straight to Walmart from his workout in his living room, watching Jane Fonda show off her best 80’s fitness moves. At least that’s what we think happened as he looks to have come straight from that era. There isn’t really another explanation for wearing a sweat band, short jean shorts and a bright pink polo short on a normal day. However, as far as outfits go, it’s not the worst that we have seen!

walmart-pink shirt

Come On Cameo

These people just wanted to go and play video games for free in Walmart without being seen, so took the initiative to wear camo. While it seems like a great idea in theory, their attire wasn’t fooling anyone and they would have needed to dress in something more appropriate to Walmart if they intended on hiding themselves. Date night can often be expensive, especially if they happen often so this couple made the use of their local Walmart to cut costs.


Newest Trend

We’re not really sure what triggered this plunger trend, but it looks to be catching on more than you would imagine. People turn up at Walmart, purely with the intention to stick plungers on their bodies and snap pictures of it to post on social media. We hope this is just a phase, just like the planking one, because Walmart won’t be too happy when they realize why all this attention had been brought to their store.


Legs For Days

When you have a great feature on your body, it is common to show it off and wear clothes that accentuate it. This guy was really proud of his long legs so showed them off by wearing a skirt and heels. While this might not be the most appropriate outfit to wear to Walmart, we can’t help but commend him for being able to browse the store in six-inch heels-that is a gift. If he wanted to draw attention to himself, he succeeded.


Life’s A Struggle

There’s no two ways about it, sometimes shopping can be absolutely draining and you can often find yourself looking around frantically for the nearest place to sit down. This man was absolutely exhausted from the shopping trip and when he saw an empty bench, he took his opportunity and went with it. Some people have a gift of being able to sleep wherever, whenever and this guy should win some kind of award for his power nap in the middle of Walmart.


Call Me Madame

Being politically correct nowadays can be incredibly difficult with all the terminology and appropriate sayings that come along with gender identities. This man was fed up with people referring to him as the wrong gender so decided to make it perfectly clear for everyone around him. The sign on his back said “I am a woman,” to stop any more shop assistants from coming up to him and saying “Excuse me sir, can I help you?”


Pants On The Ground

In fairness to this man, he wouldn’t be the first nor last person to remove his pants to try things on in the middle of Walmart. It really isn’t that hard to walk over to the designated fitting rooms to try clothes on, but time and time again, people insist on undressing in the middle of the aisle. Things weren’t going so well, and it appears that the dress didn’t fit him in the way he wanted it to and caused quite the stir.


You See Me Rollin’

Any woman will understand the struggle of having to keep hair rollers in for hours to achieve the perfect curls, right in time before your big event. This lady was in the middle of a beauty routine and needed a quick stop at Walmart before getting dressed for her event. Although it looks bizarre to so many people around you that have no idea what is on your head, other women know the struggle. It’s all worth it in the end!


By Cupid’s Bow

Love had no limits and this photo has proven that Cupid will travel to the most mundane of places! This guy wanted to spread the love as Valentine’s Day was approaching and chose to target Walmart as his latest location to help people find their love match. His outfit consisting of sparkly heart antennae, angel wings, and heart glasses was the perfect attire to get people loved up. He clearly wears his heart on his sleeve.


I’m Blue Da Ba Dee

Everyone has a favorite color but some people take it to extremes. This woman is guilty of that as she covered her body in blue, going so far to wear a blue wig to match the whole outfit. This style, however, was not a one off and this woman was often seen roaming Walmart dressed in blue everything, so much so that the employees named her “blue lady.” Here we see her buying blue toys to decorate her house.

Classing It Up

Party planning can be incredibly hectic so it isn’t unusual to find that you’ve missed something on your list. It’s always useful to have someone else on hand to run to the store to pick up some last minute supplies. This man was doing exactly that as his wife had forgotten to buy iced tea before her big event. While everyone else was baffled at the man’s outfit, the party had a Scottish theme and it was only appropriate that the host wore a kilt.


Checking Out

Children can be very difficult to deal with when you are going about your daily chores. They find it boring and don’t want to be there. This kid was so done with the day that he decided to take nap on the conveyor belt where the groceries are placed. We hope that the checkout lady noticed that there was a baby taking a nap there in the case that he got caught in something. Walmart don’t need a lawsuit for this!


Cheaper By The Dozen

Mothers can often be increasingly annoying and ask for family photos at any time, any place. When this mother asked her kids to take a photo in Walmart, they were less than thrilled and questioned why they would need to document their shopping trip. Quick thinking, the kids found some huge animal heads and placed them on all of their heads, their father included, and then agreed to pose for the photo. Not ideal for the holiday card.


Double Standards

Don’t you just love when you something that is just so unexpected that you don’t know whether to laugh or be completely shocked. As it turns out, this guy’s T-shirt, which reads: “smooth talker, straight shooter,” was not really the reality and his undergarments suggested quite the contrary. After leaving Walmart to go and pump some gas, he wasn’t leaving much to the imagination but we can’t help but wonder why he wouldn’t just leave his shirt down?


Customer Of The Century

Some people don’t believe in dressing down for any occasion, and this woman was one of them. She needed to make a quick run to Walmart to pick up some supplies but refused to be seen without full makeup, a blowout and a fancy dress on. You really never know who you’re going to run into in Walmart and in case her Prince Charming was there, she needed to look the part. It’s no surprise that her outfit went viral.