The Most Hilarious Signs Ever Brought To Protests

Even for the most reluctant of protesters, there’s something exciting about bringing along an irreverent sign in a situation that’s convinced a crowd to take to the streets. Here are some of the funniest protest signs we’ve ever seen.

Shielding The Crowd

It’s common knowledge that bigger is better. It’s never more true than at a protest when you know there’s a crowd of people behind you. Blocking an entire group of people’s field of vision is definitely for the best.

Christmas In July

We all know those people. The ones who think that it’s acceptable to decorate for Christmas the second Halloween ends. The very same ones often refuse to take their decorations down until March. It’s gotten to a point where some of them are considering leaving their decorations up for the entire year. Why bother doing the work when you could just as easily not. This person is absolutely right to protest putting up Christmas decorations too early. Save it for December!

Word Play

After a long day of protesting, sometimes you just need to unwind with a glass of wine and a long game of Scrabble. If you know that person is you, why not try to make new protester friends with an offer to play together. After all, Scrabble is not Monopoly, which board game enthusiasts know is the best game to divide and conquer you and your family. Scrabble, on the other hand, is the game for some good, old family fun.

Seeking World’s Biggest Beverage

There’s usually a defining event that pushes people towards protesting. This many took that catalyst a little too literally when he managed to seek out this giant straw. By affixing the sign “This is the last straw” to his straw, he definitely elicited a laugh or two. Those comically large staples he also managed to dig up probably made the giant straw ineffective for beverage consumption, which would imply that, actually, there are no functioning straws left at all.

Be Like Hogwarts

When protesting at a university, it’s always a good idea to liken your school to the fictional magic school from the world of Harry Potter. It would be helpful to acknowledge, however, that Hogwarts had its fair share of problems. Maybe the issue of budget cuts was never raised at the school, but then again, most of the funding was probably donated by the Malfoys, and the rest of the costs were put onto the students. The very same ones whose lives were often endangered.

Back To The Whenever

The idea of time travel has long been a request of fans of science and history. This sign points out that we should still be focusing energy on the technology, but because of its inherent powers, does it really matter when we get it? Then again, every science fiction and fantasy writer knows that there’s a terrible paradox of time travel. Do we enter a separate plain of existence or has everything that’s ever happened already happened? There’s only one way to find out.

Don’t Push Me

There are many unpleasant aspects to being in a crowd. For starters, nobody wants to get pushed around, as too many bodies are squeezed into a space too small to accommodate all of them. Then, of course, because of the abundance of body heat, everyone starts to sweat, and suddenly you find yourself skin to skin with someone’s slimy arm. Add in the stench of body odor, and the fact that you can’t see where you’re going, and suddenly, you hate crowds too.

The Warrior Grandma

You may think of grandma as the one who is always open for hugs, who hands out cookies with reckless abandon, and who doesn’t yell at you like your parents do. There’s one thing you may have forgotten, however, before she was grandma, she was mom. You never want to p*ss mom off. She has no patience for your antics, and should you cross her, there will be no cookies for a month, if you’re lucky. If you’re not, grandma might even spank you.

Money Doesn’t Grow

We have to wonder, is this guy actually just flaunting his wads of money, or did he take the time painstakingly photocopy each bill. The trick was to make them just bad enough so that he wouldn’t be accused of counterfeiting. We must admit, though, some of those dollars look pretty crisp. Maybe the money monster just wanted to do some good and redistribute a fair bit of his own wealth to those who were less fortunate than him.

Shouting Into The Abyss

Some people just love protests so much that they find it comforting to attend every single one, whether or not they’re aware of the issues being discussed. Instead of a standard sign asking people to tell this person about the issues at hand, they felt this sign would be a better method for getting people to explain what they’re protesting that day. This person brings their sign to every protest, until it becomes so battered and worn, they had to make a new one.


Irony Or Optismism

When hordes of people take to the street, outside of a significant sports victory, it’s almost always in anger. This one girl wanted to remind her fellow citizens that actually, it’s not all that bad. Sometimes, when a lot of people are angry, it’s good to remind them of all the things that are going right. That being said, this girl doesn’t exactly look happy about being photographed. Perhaps this sign was meant ironically and not optimistically.

Screaming Signs

There are few things as enraging as receiving an email written entirely in capital letters. The sentiment may have been innocent enough, but rather than designating emphasis, you’re far more likely to feel like you’re being screamed at. Then there’s the issue of how to address it. You can’t very well reply, “STOP YELLING AT ME.” It seems that this protest sign is probably your best bet for combatting the overuse of caps lock without actually screaming at someone.

Cliff Diving

If you feel that the government has gone off the deep end, you wouldn’t be alone. This sign is great because it entices any official who likes free things, while confusing them with the ambiguity of “no strings attached.” The sign maker hoped that any of the unworthy would be confused by the offer, assuming that they would believe that the “string” referred the price tag, rather than the bungee itself. It’s a sneaky way to do away with unscrupulous officials.

Gathering Of The Irreverant

Given this amalgam of unrelated signs, it’s not clear what this group was trying to protest at all. It almost seems likely that they were attempting to infiltrate a protest that was obviously taking itself too seriously. Anyone who felt themselves getting too worked up over the issues only needed to turn towards the members of this group in order to lighten their mood. After all, how can one not laugh at the idea of building prisons on the moon?

Walking Back Techology

Zippers may have become the most popular fastener after their introduction over a century ago, but it seems like it might be time to do away with them. Everyone has experienced the horror of a broken or jammed zipper, which can turn a garment or bag from convenient to useless in no time flat. This woman is correct to suggest that we return to the days where pants had to be laced, and shoes had to be buttoned.

Reminder Of Sins

The bible has been used as a weapon since its introduction two millennia ago. While some use specific passages to protest behaviors they dislike, such as same sex unions or adultery, those who become outspoken about others’ choice of partner often forget a few basic facts. For as many as examples as there are of biblical contradictions, it sure is convenient to forget that God says don’t eat shrimp or bacon. You should remember that the bible also tells you to play nice.

Wasted Space

There are many ways for populations to show their anger. Merely showing up to a protest is one way of expressing your feelings, but if you want to further amply your voice, making a sign is probably the best way to do it without getting laryngitis. Rather than using their sign space to get a succinct message across, this person just wanted everyone know just how angry they were. Of course, this sign makes it entirely unclear what this sign maker was angry about.

Invoking A Legacy

There are a lot of Harry Potter fans who think Dumbledore is still the wise savior of the series. While he might have possessed great power, Dumbledore made his fair share of mistakes. It seems unlikely that this fan would have forgotten Harry’s torturous fifth year of school. First, Dumbledore allowed the Ministry of Magic to exert its influence over his students’ learning, but midway through the year, he abandoned his post entirely. Sure, he returned, but really Dumbledore let his students down too many times.

Fear In Their Eyes

It’s not the signs you should worry about at a rally, but rather those who are attending. Just look at the picture below. The people attending are so tightly packed that should something set off the crowd, you’re likely to be trampled. Sure, signs can be used as weapons if you really want them too, but being walloped with cardboard is just not the same level of danger. Perhaps this person just means that sign carries are the most aggressive protesters in the first place.

Too Many Tortillas

This protester knows that they need to focus on the important issues. No one likes it when there’s too much filling and too little tortilla on their fajita platter. It’s like restaurants want the contents of your fajitas to go sliding out onto your plate. Tacos often suffer from the same problem, as overstuffed shells spill their innards onto your plate and all over your hand. The time to change this trend is now. Let’s make handheld foods easier to eat again!

Nicklelback Fans Forbidden

Calling someone out for their love of Nickelback is the one insult that tends to bring people together. Lodging this accusation at Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, is the most serious of accusations. His track record for reducing crime or homelessness pales in comparison to the insinuation that he likes one of the most ridiculed bands of all time. Out of all of the signs at this rally, this is the one that was most likely to enact some modicum of change.

Boosting Spirits

Every protest needs a guy dressed as a frog, sitting in the middle of the street and reminding attendees to “be awesome.” It’s easy to forget when you’re angry that you can be the embodiment of the change you’re fighting for. Lucky for this guy, the crowd doesn’t seem to be so large, which would make his sitting in the street a real hazard. As other rally goers meander by, hopefully the silly costume and uplifting sign put a smile on their faces.

Gone Too Soon

When Arrested Development was cancelled after its third season, fans were rightly dismayed. The show was a clever blend of sarcastic humor and slapstick jokes that continued to build on itself as the series went on. It’s clear that sign was effective because even if President Obama didn’t step in, Netflix did. It was probably the most successful decision Netflix made since it began streaming the majority of its library. While season four may have been a let down, Netflix originals rule our screens.

Clowns For Congress

When even a verifiable clown recognizes that his profession is akin to running the government, you might want to change things up. To be fair, his solution might be a better one. Clowns have to go through rigorous training, especially when they’re learning to juggle, do magic, or make balloon animals. While none of those might not seem like skills relevant to running a government, it shows that contrary to popular belief, clowns are disciplined. Moreover, they know how to deal with children.

Looking For Work

For all the fear mongering about immigrants taking American jobs, this sign cuts straight to the heart of the matter. It’s hard to find a job sometimes, especially in a foreign country. Most of the jobs filled by immigrants who people are complaining about are the jobs you don’t want anyway. It’s ok, you can just go to their country and take their jobs. You could also start a company, and then there will be jobs for all.

Blight Of The Internet

When games first began appearing on Facebook, the idea seemed innocent enough, but it soon became a veritable epidemic as day by day, users were flooded with invites. The worst of them were from the game Candy Crush, as those who played sought to coerce their friends and family members into playing as well. The windfall of invites continued to multiply, clogging up our networks with nonstop notifications, until we were all forced to the street in order to protest the game.

Generic Protest Banner Here

If you’re an avid protestor, constantly making new signs to bring to each rally can become costly. If that’s you’re reality, then it may be better to follow the lead of these two guys, who were clearly tired of making a new sign for every protest they decided to attend. With this sign, they could lend their support to a wide variety of issues from government protests to animal rights demonstrations. It might seem lazy, but it should be better noted as a “life hack.”

Protests For Pay

There are many conscientious planners who make sure that their rallies occur outside of typical working hours in order to get the best attendance. Sometimes, however, an issue is so pressing that it requires an angry mob to leave their regular lives behind and protest, rather than work. Oftentimes, those protests should be called strikes, since they’re occurring on the grounds that working conditions are too horrid to continue. This woman may want to consider becoming a professional protestor.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time

It’s a fact of protesting that we often have many other things we’d rather be doing than attend a protest. Some of us even take that to heart, understanding that while we a cause may resonate with us deeply, we can better serve it by not putting our bodies through the physical and emotional strain of being at a protest. You could also just be the guilt inducer of the crowd, loudly informing the world that you have better things to be doing.

The Holy And Profane

This sign really raises a lot of questions. Sure, we understand that Jesus may be considered by his adherents to be the son of God, but then where does that leave Joseph in the grand scheme of things. Stepfather? Adoptive dad? Can he have been considered to be raised by both of them, or did one take over from the other? Either way, the point is having two loving parents, no matter their gender identity is usually the most important factor in raising children.

Bold Statement

Protests are a way for people to express their disapproval or objection towards something. Whilst it is usually obvious that the people at a protest are upset, this woman clearly wanted to break it down in a slightly calmer way. We all know when your parent tells you they are “disappointed in you” the impact is far greater than going full force and screaming down your ear. Similarly, in this case, maybe this woman thinks her small statement on a tiny cardboard box will have an influence.

Laid Back Luke

This guy is more laid back than a recliner chair. Other than arguing in an aggressive manner, he has decided on a sign that represents a more light-hearted approach. This “Dude, wheres my car?” kinda guy wants peace, not war. However, this cool man can’t take all the funny credit. The quote has actually been taken from The Big Lebowski, a 1998 film about an unemployable slacker known as the “dude.” On the downside, he may not get far in this protest.

Look Who’s Talking

This guy is clearly passionate about his beliefs. While his opinion is that beliefs are not enough if they fit on a sign, maybe he should get a bigger one before he expresses his. It seems unclear as to which side this protester is on, as his banner is reasonably insulting to the others in the crowd. I wonder, however, if his sign is in response to the “I like turtles” sign behind him. Maybe they need to think harder about their choice of reptile.

Seperation Anxiety

After picking up a spot of lunch at Prett, these two took to the streets of London joining in with a Brexit protest. The pair is clearly going for a “UK to stay in the EU” approach. Inspired by singer Mariah Carey, the two have created a protest banner adapting her lyrics as a way of expressing their feelings. I am sure the addition of the red broken hearts on either side had a powerful effect on the softies.

Protest Regrets

Here we have a typical victim of the protest sign. Instead of preparing a sign with a thoughtful, inspirational quote or sentence, this protester decided to go for a more humorous approach and predict the inevitable. Albeit that signs can save your voice from chants and screams, they aren’t ideal when having to be carried around all day. This guy has had enough and has decided to take a break from his protesting duties. Maybe after holding the phone to his ear he can rest his arms.

Taking A Raincheck

At this protest, someone was so determined to be there that they canceled a Grindr date with what could have been their future partner. In the Philipines, a dictator, Marcos, was buried as a hero to the dislike of many citizens. Many took to protest at the hero’s cemetery. Unfortunately, it was scheduled for the wrong date and the unfortunate man had to cancel his important plans to meet a guy he met on a dating app. Possibly, there are some potentials at the protest instead.

Imagination Is Key

When someone is so passionate about something, it should not be hard to come up with a generic angry slogan that follows suit with the thing you are protesting about. However, this lady was simply too lazy or just lacked the imagination needed to come up with a slogan that will attract attention. Instead, she simply wrote what she had meant to write! Hopefully, by the end of the day, she would have gathered some ideas from the other signs around her.

Pardon Me

Who said manners were dead? The people of this town in Canada are ready for a new mayor and this girl has used a more subtle approach to imply this. Rather than going in at full force with “Leave” or a similar imperative verb, she has politely expressed her feelings. On the same note, she has introduced the topic in a much more mannered way and made sure she apologized for taking their time. While the thought is there, it is not so clear her message is getting across.

Memory Loss In Old Age

This elderly couple decided to create some signs that expressed just what they were feeling at that very moment. Embracing her age, the lady couldn’t look happier that she has forgotten what she was protesting about and most likely where she is for that matter. While she looks on cluelessly, her husband decides not to help his dear wife. Instead, he just wants to know why he was dragged there in the first place and where the beer is.

The Deep Thinker

While we have seen some people go for a simplistic, bold statement that almost aims to express how they feel in around four or five words, this one does quite the opposite. It seems evident that this person has strong values and holds a lot of opinions on the matter, which can’t possibly be put into words on one side of an A3 poster. Kindly, however, he is offering the chance to engage in a calm and intelligent discussion if one wishes to know more on his thoughts.

Patience Is A Virtue

Patience is extremely hard to come by these days but people want it and, ironically, they want it now! The very common saying that starts with “What do we want?” is usually followed by a particular demand. The quote is then continued with “When do we want it?” and the answer is almost always, “Now.” The saying was filled in with the word “patience” here which is relatively hypocritical when this lady clearly wants it now!

The Protest Gatecrasher

While many came in groups to this protest to passionately express their opinions on the federal government and healthcare, one joker decided to gatecrash the party. Hiding behind the other protesters, this proud man decided to make a mockery of them by suggesting they have no idea what they are talking about. He did not create a huge fan base and unfortunately for him, as soon as this picture was taken, he was spotted and the result was not pretty.

Desperate Times

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Things must have gotten really bad if this guy has resulted to holding a sign. Evidently, his lack of ability to hold up the sign and consequently rest it on his head shows he is not usually equipped to have a sign. Although it is not so clear what he is protesting from his creative sign, it must attract attention. He certainly is not happy that he has had to scribble some words on cardboard today!

The Rebel

Strong beliefs or not, this man does not have the faintest clue what this protest is about. However, one thing he does know for sure is that more often than not protests can lead to violence, and he is ready for the battle. He is keen to start the violence whether or not this protest is a peaceful one and he does not care how many enemies he makes along the way. I guess it is better he does not believe in anything than be on the opposing team.

Speak For Yourself

While the woman on the right is on a feminist protest making a point that women are not for decoration, the Hooters waitress on the left has her own opinions on the matter and rather wants to prove that some women do like to make an effort to stand out. While the feminist in her sweatpants and Jesus sandals could not look more disappointed with the Hooters girl, the waitress certainly did not have a care in the world that her hot pants were too revealing, almost as if she were decoration!

Signing Politeness

This may be one of the most pragmatic signs to appear at a protest. Despite the American Capitol building peeping up in the corner of the photo, the tone of this sign is so overly polite, we have to wonder if it was even written by an American. It’s a good example of leading by example, given that most people have no clue how to respectfully engage in a discussion with someone who holds an opposing opinion. We hope more people can learn from this sign holder.

Selling Out

This protester knew the perfect way to highlight just how bad things had gotten in Ireland. When you can’t even afford soap to use to wash your floor, or even worse, water, you know things are bad. This man was better off earning a bit of money by selling his mop, rather than keeping it for all eternity. Not only that, the government was sure to take notice because who really wants a dirty, floppy mop hanging over them all day.

Starring Euro Vision

After the UK ‘accidentally’ voted in favor of Brexit, many residents took to the streets in order to protest the decision. In a clever play on words, this whole group of protesters declared their love for the European Union through the subversion of pop songs. Of course, outside of native Briton, Adele, the other artists chosen aren’t European, but rather American. In case you were worried though, it’s good to know that Whitney Houston will always love the EU.

Having Their Cake

Any event coordinator knows that there’s no better way to get people in the door than by offering them free food. The only thing that might be a better sell is an open bar. For the less than enthusiastic protesters, it might be easier to convince them to be jostled by a crowd for a day if they know that there’s going to be cake. If the promise proved to be false, this person has every right to protest their lack of cake.

Muscle Mouths

Perhaps the message on their first sign should be better conveyed to the Chatty Cathy’s of the world, as everyone knows that women are afraid of getting big muscles. The last place you’d want to build them would certainly be on your face, which would quickly get awkwardly lumpy. No one wants to walk around feeling mistaken. If you’re really worried, however, just focus on the turtle sign. Turtles are relaxing and will remind you that no one needs big face muscles.